When you kill someone

01/23/2016 19:29
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Smol_Pug 01/08/2017 17:36
RaeDopeySwag, comment deleted
what tf did you say bro
susquiggles 01/08/2017 16:17
SaltiestPearl, <--- its bad/great when the name reflects the person. gg no re
RaeDopeySwag 01/08/2017 16:17
SaltiestPearl, damn if you dont like anything then leave
SaltiestPearl 01/08/2017 16:15
susquiggles, tbh its just a 5-year-olds shitstain but aaight
RaeDopeySwag 01/08/2017 16:15
Comment deleted
MacOroni 01/08/2017 16:15
its corny. not to be loved.
Smol_Pug 01/08/2017 16:15
susquiggles 01/08/2017 16:14
Why I love this toon:

- poorly drawn for maximum laughs
- actual decent animation surprisingly
-gots a good plot
-the animation itself makes it look like my PC is lagging which is hilarious
- the decending of the fork starts out slow and speeds up
-the climax is shoved off which is hilarious
SaltiestPearl 01/08/2017 16:13
MacOroni, one, its gp ,
MacOroni 01/08/2017 16:13