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06/17/2017 18:14
u dont have to like i just like..llikes??? whatever yeah (ps: if ur oc is anime i might not draw it well but i'll try)
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JayTheArtist 09/17/2017 19:08
Also Drohst can't fly and is unstable on foot but he's good at parkour and ninja jump slashes
JayTheArtist 09/17/2017 19:07
JayTheArtist 09/17/2017 19:06
Drohst (Dragon and ghost) Was a human once until his father was taken his brother liked to dress up as a ninja and his brother made a knife mixed with a katana and also a bow. Drohst took these items along with his fathers ninja suit and headed towards an old wooden building he went inside and saw a man with a gun to his fathers head along with a dragon. Drohst defeated the dragon and the man but he passed out and when he woke up he was half ghost half dragon. Drohst weapons are knifana a bow and dragons breath. Drohst is not good and ranged combat but is very skilled at up close. Tips given by 5OUL Feel free to make Drohst in one of your stories
Mike17 09/17/2017 19:04
my oc's name is jackie she's a dark haired girl who killed her parents she loves to kill ppl she's angry at and she has demon horns and wings she fies away from the body she killed she lives in the dark forest she eats dead ppl
honeybear 07/23/2017 10:21

here idk if you're still doing it but :)
Me0wzas 07/06/2017 20:18
Me0wzas 07/01/2017 22:37
whens this due?
Me0wzas 06/30/2017 20:39
CloverBrokenHero 06/26/2017 11:45
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Fluffowuffo 06/22/2017 18:52
If it's an animation, Petko'll probably be easy for ya. Here are all my toons that're in my album for ya of him: