wolf(?) in sheeps(?) clothing

08/12/2017 18:56
i was literally just making this up as i kept adding frames and it shows
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lonelycousin 08/12/2017 19:30
Also! this is super good sealegs omg
lonelycousin 08/12/2017 19:30
Sp3ctrum, Yes it is but stop commenting that on the entries. It means a literal wolf in sheeps clothing but could also mean the song, who cares.
Sp3ctrum 08/12/2017 19:18
Wolf in sheeps clothing is actually a song
boi6 08/12/2017 19:13
simplytoxic, yeah that fyucking sucks
redpoopplays_YT 08/12/2017 19:12
other wolf : jackpot! other wolf : why did his butt just do that? other wolf : ahhhh!!!! main : wolf hehehhehheh
simplytoxic 08/12/2017 19:10
boi6, especially when they're wearing a crown and secretly a wolf
boi6 08/12/2017 19:08
i hate when sheeps ass vore me
ButterCat 08/12/2017 19:03
whoa 0o0
Dragrawrxxx 08/12/2017 18:58
DankDiddlyMeemz 08/12/2017 18:57
i love this-