Oh no he's sad

01/10/2017 15:21
Idk suddenly got an urge to animate, it's really messy and weird i might redo
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PawsomeDaAwesome 04/02/2017 22:59
sad bb
tatato 03/03/2017 12:40
have some cookies :c
Minty-cakes 01/11/2017 02:22
Anim8R, Ah, it's not blood!
I just thought if i drew the tears with black you couldn't see it very well lol
Anim8R 01/10/2017 19:19
OMG. Why is he crying, This is so realistic besides the fact he's crying blood E_E
ggeasy123 01/10/2017 18:53
im not saying yours is bad I just think that every thing should be happy
Minty-cakes 01/10/2017 15:42
SeaOfSecrets, I do not know how that is possible either tbh
SeaOfSecrets 01/10/2017 15:38
Minty-cakes 01/10/2017 15:36
SeaOfSecrets, Made me weep like a baby and snort at the same time 69/420
SeaOfSecrets 01/10/2017 15:31
Minty-cakes, made me cry 11/10
Minty-cakes 01/10/2017 15:29
SeaOfSecrets, This was beautiful 10/10 true literature