Not alone.

01/08/2017 19:16
Just some pratice, I may go to bed soon. If so Goodnight all~
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thelizard 01/09/2017 18:04
omg so goood
HoodieBlue 01/09/2017 17:31
Awesome!! :O
onionsan 01/09/2017 17:20
Goyangi, Thank you! Hey it's ok! We all have to start somewhere, with time and practice I'm sure you'll improve :)
Goyangi 01/09/2017 17:15
You're so talented!! and then there's me.. But I love it!!
YOULIKEJAZZ 01/09/2017 15:13
Comment deleted
onionsan 01/09/2017 15:07
Xerneasxx, Thank you!
ThePleb 01/09/2017 14:59
Comment deleted
Xerneasxx 01/09/2017 14:38
onionsan 01/09/2017 14:06
EndlessTrendless, Thank you! And wow that toon is so awesome :0 It may have took a long time to do so!
EndlessTrendless 01/09/2017 13:54
super awesome!!!!!!!!
it kinda reminds me of this