12/14/2016 15:59
lazing around, probably procrastinating........ the lines took like 90 years and there are so many mistakes oops;;;; also i??am passer now????? Wjhat, i was not expecting to be accepted hhHH?!?!
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elliegouldingfan 03/23/2017 16:35
how do you do this??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
ItsMiaAndDE 12/23/2016 02:20
How you become a passer? I'm really want to know!
PichuChespin 12/20/2016 19:17
hey dude can u just um maybe um draw something but 1 frame and has all the sketch marks cause tortorial didnt help
SillyKally_AD 12/17/2016 22:02
Idk why this reminds me of sailor moon.
Mongler 12/17/2016 17:16
i have a question
why does this not have a medal yet
Kaitouz 12/16/2016 21:18
supereggy, Ohh i see that's a great tutorial hope i can draw as well as you one day maybe i hope.. i wish..
supereggy 12/16/2016 17:58
xxNeonelementsxx, Yuki142080, thaNK YOU,,,,,,
icyindye, halloweencat, omg you flatter me too much........... hHHhhhnnnnn tysm <3333
PichuChespin, aahh sorry, i didn't mean to undermine your efforts;;;;
Kaitouz, i actually made a small tutorial a little while ago, here it is: hope you find it helpful!
Kaitouz 12/16/2016 17:50
How do you draw hair like that it's so good
Sadie_Miller 12/16/2016 07:41
"Looks like some kind of tv show that I would watch as a little kid"
Momgetthecamera 12/16/2016 07:40
Just how--