The R0YALS Show with 5OUL

10/28/2017 22:33
Check comments for interview (it take a sec to copy and paste everything) -Honey
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R0YALS 01/12/2018 20:53
21robax, The very first comment is of the interview that occurred. - Fluff
21robax 01/12/2018 19:51
is that the script?
R0YALS 12/02/2017 20:05
As per the new organization of the group account, each current member's most recent toon will be shown in the album rather than their toon folder.

So if you'd like to see more of honeybear's toons, please visit this toon:
R0YALS 10/28/2017 23:00
honeybear, I'll pm it in a moment. - Fluff
R0YALS 10/28/2017 22:59
Hmm... 5OUL , I notice that you mentioned plans with the group, and that is actually a nice coincidence since I have been thinking about the same things in my head. One of my ideas was that perhaps the main/original members of the group could work on this whole big animation project together, a MAP, and then I could post it and add music to it... That is, if I can add music to a toon on a group account.

Is there anyone opposed to this idea? We'd have to discuss it on the group meeting toon, though.

And for other plans I've kept in my head, I was also thinking about annual contests for the logo, and also a contest for the group account existing for every 6 months.

And I'm also thinking about a Christmas contest on here, but I'll also be having one on my personal account, so I'm still not too sure about that one.

As for more plans with the group, I have pmed my main officers that have not really done much with the group account and have asked them about certain things, if they even want to participate anymore and also giving them suggestions as to what they could contribute to the group account.

And I feel like that I'm talking too much now, so I guess if anyone has any questions, just pm me Fluffowuffo . - Fluff
honeybear 10/28/2017 22:56
R0YALS, Alright :3
R0YALS 10/28/2017 22:55
honeybear, Do you need me to send you a list of past and current users that have not been interviewed so that you may choose for next week? - Fluff
Merine 10/28/2017 22:51
honeybear, oh,, so you got a lot of people to interview then
honeybear 10/28/2017 22:50
Merine, Anyone who has anything to do with R0YALS im pretty sure
Merine 10/28/2017 22:48
So who usually gets these interviews, people who've been in the royals or...