11/24/2017 11:12
omg im so done with this! haha i always find a mistake and fix it then find another!! soooo done with this toon!!


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Awkward__Artist 11/29/2017 19:49
JayCanDraw, thanks!
JayCanDraw 11/29/2017 15:09
fennicfox, thanks!!
fennicfox 11/29/2017 15:06
looks cool dude
JayCanDraw 11/29/2017 09:40
-ToxicAlleyCat--, IM PASSER!!!
JayCanDraw 11/27/2017 15:15
Awkward__Artist, awe thanks^^ and so are you! I love your work!
Awkward__Artist 11/27/2017 15:14
You're a really amazing animator
-ToxicAlleyCat-- 11/24/2017 14:55
JayCanDraw, nono they better not >:0
JayCanDraw 11/24/2017 13:36
-ToxicAlleyCat--, welp i did it! pray for me hahah (jk they will probs be like "what is this poop")
JayCanDraw 11/24/2017 13:29
-ToxicAlleyCat--, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!! thanks^^
-ToxicAlleyCat-- 11/24/2017 13:28
JayCanDraw, Hover over your user in the corner and click settings then read under rank and status and you can submit a request to increase your rank :0