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01/02/2017 13:00
(in comments it's too long)
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Minty-cakes 01/09/2017 07:39
Daytime, Oh shit i do remember you
Also ty for liking the trash i come up with
Daytime 01/09/2017 04:37
ayo ma dude remember me

also that's some good ass comment right there i would read
_HarryPotter_ 01/02/2017 13:07
Minty-cakes, ._. dude, i have more AoT AUs then u
carrotsushi 01/02/2017 13:04
bt this is 11/10 I wanna see this happen
Minty-cakes 01/02/2017 13:00
But like???Imagine them being sextuplets iN A WORLD LIKE THAT??Everyone was super amazed when they were born because oh my god that's so rare??Their parents were really poor however and the had no way to actually feed the kids properly so they would start stealing food to survive..they would often get caught by the millitary police and were known to be trouble makers.And then the wall accident happened and???They were so fucking shocked by this and they lost their house..so they worked on the fields for a while but Oso is like ''You know what fuck this we should join the millitary'' and everyone is just like ''NOOO'' because they all realize how the odds of all of them surviving are VERY low and they can't live without each other.However, Oso makes them join anyway by making promises of actual food and shit and then they just sorta train for a few years.It then comes time for the first mission and they see titans for the first time.They shit themselves and try to hide for most of the mission but their comrades are out there DYING and Karamatsu feels bad........ he goes to kill a titan and his gear jams up and he's now trapped with a titan and no way to fight back.Jyushi ZOOMS and saves him but he suffers severe injuries and ends up recovering in tthe medical department for a long time.Then comes the time to choose between the millitary police, garrison and survey corps and they get into a fight.They all agreed to join the garrison because it's the safer then the survey corps, and you don't need to be in the top ten to join it.Osomatsu want to go to the surveys being fucking pissed at titans because of Jyushi and Choromatsu starts yelling at him that he's crazy and ect.
Oso and Totty (Totty bonds with Oso the most and is concerned about him) end up joining the corps, Choromatsu and Ichimatsu go for the garrison and Jyushi (who is still recovering but thankfully it wasn't something to disable him from being a solider) and Kara join the millitary police because they were in the top ten.They don't see each other for a while until this one big meeting where they all realize how much they missed each other and decide to make up and be bros again.HOWEVER a b ig mission comes up and.. Totty gets captured by a titan he gets saved by Atsushi (who is known as the best fucking solider ever) and the all somehow survive.After that they say their goodbyes for a while because they all have different jobs and Hq's and after a few days Oso starts noticing how much Totty and Atsushi hang out?'??At first he's like ''nah he saved him it's because of that'' but he gets kinda concerned and expresses his concerns to Karamatsu (who he finds pretty easily judging his job is to roam around town looking for thieves and stuff) who tells Jyushimatsu.Jyushimatsu starts seeing Totty and Oso more often because he hate sAtsushi (for some reason). I have nothing else to write after that but this au????????????????PLEASE??????