05/14/2018 06:48


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FG_FatalHydra 05/14/2018 10:56
I personally think it'd be a good idea to put another rank in the system, between passer and animator, so there is more of a difference in the rank system. I guess to give more meaning to people who are passers, that aren't good enough to be animators. Skilled passers I believe should be more distincted from other passers. IDK I'm really new here, but just from looking at the system, it feels like some passers who aren't nessesarily good enough to be animators, but are way better than just new passers coming out of archeologistness, should get a better title. But hey, what do I know, I'm just here to have fun, and improve, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
NewArdanza 05/14/2018 10:52
__FusH__ thank you very much. I like to spend more time in details and things like that, the toon ends up being more satisfying to see, and you have to see them more than once to see everything.
__FusH__ 05/14/2018 10:43
I love how you take many time on your animation to make it look very smooth!
FG_FatalHydra 05/14/2018 10:41
PandF 05/14/2018 09:05
omg so good! :D
GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!
Offel 05/14/2018 07:26
Windclan 05/14/2018 07:23
icri, same XD
NewArdanza 05/14/2018 07:02
icri hahaha. Me too
icri 05/14/2018 06:58