05/14/2018 06:48


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icri 05/14/2018 16:43
NewArdanza, bella_inkz, I think there's something about jumping right to passer that makes it all the more exciting... I used to have a passer account but I lost it because of some weird thing with facebook...I didn't earn the rank though so I'm starting over this time xD

But I do think some sort of rank that wouldn't make our toons get buried in the sandbox would be nice...
Serulii 05/14/2018 14:25
ohh wow this is gorgeous animation! IT'S SO SMOOTH WTF AND THE LINES ARE SO CRISP AHHH
NewArdanza 05/14/2018 13:53
bella_inkz but too many ranges would make everything a bit confusing, would not it? I don't know, just my opinion :)
NewArdanza 05/14/2018 13:48
takashisenpai18 05/14/2018 13:15
bella_inkz 05/14/2018 12:33
there should also be a rank between archaeologist and passer, like noticed or something
Offel 05/14/2018 11:55
NewArdanza, OK THANK YOU.
NewArdanza 05/14/2018 11:54
Offel you get spooders if you stay in the top 10 of the week.
Offel 05/14/2018 11:38
NewArdanza, how do you get spooders?
NewArdanza 05/14/2018 11:08
FG_FatalHydra Maybe yes, but I dont know, popular is good to be able to differentiate. :)