repost I guess

09/15/2016 19:41
idk anymore man
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DustShine 12/26/2016 21:06
O30, Yes
O30 12/26/2016 09:10
is the anonymous one ura
DapperSkelington 09/15/2016 23:55
Dont be sad my friendo, everything gets better i promise
DustShine 09/15/2016 20:55
SketchZi, Thank you <3
SketchZi 09/15/2016 20:35
I love the hair movement!
DustShine 09/15/2016 20:15
TheShitPoster, No I'm sorry that was rude of me- I'm just kinda feeling... I don't even know. Emotionless I guess
TheShitPoster 09/15/2016 20:14
DustShine, Sorry-
DustShine 09/15/2016 20:09
TheShitPoster, Please don't talk to me like I am a new person.
TheShitPoster 09/15/2016 20:05
DustShine, Oh, and no problem.
Well, you''ll animate better later if you get used to it :D
DustShine 09/15/2016 19:58
TheShitPoster, Many things are wrong but it doesn't matter
also thank you <3 It's been awhile since I animated so its weird. Also the fact that I cant use my drawing tablet so its bad too XD