In the desert, you cant remember your name

09/12/2018 04:06
I wanted to add way more but school is killing me right now. Its abdul and some of his edgy backstory, not that u can interpret any of it from this cause its so small-- I broke my hand for this
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FurryP0rnAccount 09/12/2018 15:23
i learned to play this song on the guitar!
Squibby 09/12/2018 09:39
man i need to get gud
-_Blue_Moon_- 09/12/2018 09:37
Could i possibly use the bird Section And Make it a bit clearer???!!
SimionSler 09/12/2018 08:15
beatiful *v*
DapperVoxlyy 09/12/2018 05:36
Igor2077, thanks
Igor2077 09/12/2018 05:04
not bad
poxem 09/12/2018 04:17