Ex diddly

12/28/2016 07:36
I have crippling depression
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sol-the-flareon 01/19/2017 11:57
sol-the-flareon 01/19/2017 11:57
I honestly thought you were going to say mudkips at the e
NyanDogeKat 01/18/2017 20:55
i'll give you endless money for all of the ironic memes XD
NyanDogeKat 01/18/2017 20:54
welp guess you were right XD
MirrorImages 01/10/2017 20:02
ironic memes?
nekogirl859 01/10/2017 18:03
GiGidaMagikarp, oh that lol. thx! :D
GiGidaMagikarp 01/10/2017 17:02
nekogirl859 01/10/2017 06:52
lol wait u like memes and idubbz??? u r awesome. this AnaiMATioN Is AwEsoME!!!
btw what is ex dee?
anomibubblegumxo 01/07/2017 21:42
terribleartist 01/02/2017 09:27
I sexually identify as an ironic meme, and this triggers me.