I once had stickdudes

01/10/2017 19:05
welp I wanted to animate but I'm out of ideas, any requests or idk lol
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Djcatmix123 01/15/2017 20:13
fighting :D
Fusing 01/11/2017 22:30
Blade_fuse 01/11/2017 17:24
animate a stick fig doing a jump kick
Blade_fuse 01/11/2017 17:23
onionsan 01/11/2017 06:46
Fusing, Oooh Nice, I'll try that out!
Fusing 01/11/2017 01:19
Try some stick fig. choreography, like a flip, or a spin, or somethin.
onionsan 01/10/2017 20:29
CherryPopsicle, I was hoping for animation ideas but oh well, I'll give it a try
CherryPopsicle 01/10/2017 19:22
CherryPopsicle, sorry i meant m oc cherry (the back fox in like..all my toons)
CherryPopsicle 01/10/2017 19:21
can u draw my oc am please..

since ur taking requests