Every Letter You Wrote Me

09/01/2017 19:39
BOI THIS GOT ME HELPLEEESSSS-No, seriously, my hand hurts so bad :p I used a Chromebook trackpad, I haven't used one in this account for months! And yet I still did pretty good here?
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TinyToons 09/20/2017 20:27
i love
AnnikatheLlama 09/04/2017 15:16
CerEntertainment 09/04/2017 13:58
AnnikatheLlama 09/01/2017 23:48
TrickyKitty, YEEeeeeeP SAMEE!
I made an entire page of Ham animations
TrickyKitty 09/01/2017 23:42

I literally listened to Burn on repeat all day today XD
-Hydra- 09/01/2017 22:06
AnnikatheLlama, welp
took me a month to master the trackpad and i still use it
AnnikatheLlama 09/01/2017 22:06
AelanDraw, thanks,you animate good too! <3
And this is in the Popular Toons section...huh, thank you guys!
AnnikatheLlama 09/01/2017 20:37
TKninjas, -Hydra-, Shia_Labeouf, GidGidGideon, indigo-rain, thanks!
The Chromebook was starting to run out of battery so I had to rush, so I didn't have time to put the physics right.
It took me since last year to get the hang of this trackpad :3
AelanDraw 09/01/2017 20:37
woah with trackpad??
better than anything i could do >:o
Shia_Labeouf 09/01/2017 20:09