Happy pride month! [straight ally]

06/01/2018 00:16
No, this is not a "straight pride" flag. (We don't need that :P) Even though I don't identify as LGBTQ+, I fully support the LGBTQ+ community--no one should ever be harassed or treated differently for their gender or sexuality. I'm glad toonator is accepting of people expressing their genders/sexualities (as far as I know)!
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FennixFox001 07/05/2018 02:42
how do u even do dat? Ur amazing!
__FusH__ 06/28/2018 09:28
Completely agree! I'm a straight ally myself (currently) and I highly support the community. LGBTQ+ should be respected fully !
Arii2Last 06/22/2018 08:29

to be heterosexual (straight)
Sereno 06/19/2018 13:56
pngn3, dude...no.
Sereno 06/19/2018 13:56
pngn3, 8)
Serulii 06/02/2018 15:40
Shultiex, yeah i know, he has interesting comments lol
but i don't think winged warrior knows that and even if it's a joke/meme/whatever it hurt them D:
Shultiex 06/02/2018 11:23
Serulii, you really need to get used to memers
pngn was always like ths, seen him in the beginning years of toon for me
Shultiex 06/02/2018 11:22
owo straight ally here we gooooooooo
Mcflurrydog06 06/02/2018 11:21
i have an eraser exactly like that heart
winged_warrior 06/01/2018 19:44
Serulii, thank you