Creation of Earth

06/04/2017 18:39
When fire and water collided, something new was born
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PotatoSalads 10/31/2017 17:32
-AshFlame-, it was sarcasm dood
-AshFlame- 10/22/2017 16:43
-AshFlame- 10/22/2017 11:25
TKninjas, I think the only person who was taking it serious was poTATO Salads, but, nah, I know this was just for fun. ^^

And yes, I am a Science Weeb ^^
TKninjas 10/21/2017 22:21
Whoa, -AshFlame- is getting pretty sciency in here!
Also, don't take this too seriously guys. This isn't my opinion or religious view on how earth was made or anything, it was just supposed to look nice.
-AshFlame- 10/19/2017 21:53
-AshFlame-, Veterinarian*
-AshFlame- 10/19/2017 21:53
PotatoSalads, This is pretty realiatic in my book.

According to scientists, Earth was created by a planet smashing into it. Earth's magnetic field was pushed into a higher range of vision. WAY back then, the Earth was magma and metals that were held together by the force of magnetism and gravity. After the planet smashed into Earth, a chemical reaction with the iron occurred, forming water. Similar to Carbonic Acids (H20CO3) Because the gravity field became larger, Earth was able to hold onto its water. Over time the water hardened the Earth's surface, forming its crust.

Accurate if you ask me.

This is what I've gathered from my classes.

Considering I actually want to be a Veterinariqn or an Astronomer.
PotatoSalads 10/19/2017 21:21
Psssh unrealistic!
cukie 09/06/2017 16:19
didnt some moon crash into earth and make earths moon?
Ceralius101 09/05/2017 05:02
GiraRay 08/20/2017 11:07
Seems legit