two time !!

10/08/2018 17:34
[song:] this is so unfinished lol- im sorry for the excessive headbobs,,, ive been working on this for 3-4 days and i realised that im such a lazyass lol btw this isnt an animation meme- or kinda? idk i was inspired by that but this one was intended to be an amv- even tho i didnt finish it at all :^))))) im sorry ok?? btw just restart the page if you want the animation to sync with the music again
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mashami 10/09/2018 06:41
Xury 10/09/2018 06:26
mixjestiic 10/09/2018 00:15
_Menvis007_ 10/09/2018 00:05
This is sooo good!!! !!! How do you even?!?
mixjestiic 10/08/2018 22:41
DaleksOfSkaro 10/08/2018 20:48
Mystyck, same!
Mystyck 10/08/2018 19:56
I love how you draw your characters!!
PeaceLion 10/08/2018 19:14
mixjestiic, you are of the welcomes, uwu btw i love your art style <3
mixjestiic 10/08/2018 19:14
mixjestiic 10/08/2018 19:13
PeaceLion, oH gOd- ty tho