Don't shoot

12/17/2016 15:54
just a short little animation inspired by the song 'Body' by Mother Mother
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CrookedStar04 12/21/2016 15:18
So sad!!!
artattack 12/18/2016 16:14
FuzzyPixelss I'm glad i got to show you a new song! EEE
FuzzyPixelss 12/18/2016 16:11
This is the reason my favorite song is now Body
This is EPIC
CubeNinja07 12/18/2016 13:13
artattack 12/17/2016 19:09
Ak-Chilor a little, it's mostly just for refrence
Ak-Chilor 12/17/2016 18:06
You like gore don't you?