youtube collab[link in desc also info]

07/29/2016 06:33
im very very veeeeerrry sorry for the one that not shown it is because wip and there is some not following the music [still sorry ;-;] but anyway enjoy:
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yosomonsuta 07/30/2016 20:40
MayumiReizee, well yes
still working on ti
hollybolls 07/30/2016 09:45
<a href=" /sh745491"><img src="" /></a> :)
MayumiReizee 07/29/2016 23:42
yosomonsuta, Ik but when i searched it it's not the song i was expecting ;v; *Just woke up are you up rn?*
yosomonsuta 07/29/2016 15:01
Sass-Crystal, thanks~<3
yosomonsuta 07/29/2016 15:01
MayumiReizee, its soul on fire
MayumiReizee 07/29/2016 13:23
Hey yoso can you tell me what song this is? Because i really love it though please send me the link when your awake.
WolfDOTAnimation 07/29/2016 13:22
kawaiianime 07/29/2016 13:12
guys look at my stickman cartoon! i worked so hard on it. click meh and watch! :-3
SuperAwesome 07/29/2016 10:30
SuperAwesome, Also im staying up late *v*
SuperAwesome 07/29/2016 10:29
yosomonsuta, Mk- Lel.