doodeley doodlui

07/12/2018 02:26
If you recognized him as Markiplier then I guess I've done my job well enough. I still have no style so ofc am going for realism even though I hate realism and I hate humans and fook you. Also y'all probably have heard this a million times from amillion different users but bless Mark, what a good dork
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SlenderLicky 07/13/2018 23:19
how did you manage to create a fadeing affect??
Thieving_Khajiit 07/13/2018 16:41
Thieving_Khajiit 07/13/2018 15:27
Oh it was more of a reference to Jacksfilms and his "photoshop me holding his paper" episodes of Yiay
FG_FatalHydra 07/13/2018 14:19
ShineX-Daydream 07/13/2018 14:16
FG_FatalHydra, ohhhh nowww I get that reference! Sorry oopsies, it's from his youtuber villains and heroes series, right?
FG_FatalHydra 07/13/2018 13:26
No one watches Jazza?? Sadness. ;-;
ShineX-Daydream 07/13/2018 11:30
Thieving_Khajiit, well, that's ultimately what I did, besides, who would not stare at Mark for long periods of time like that?

BEVERLY_HILLS, SuruSuruWo, FeatherX, thank youuuuuu kisses all around
Thieving_Khajiit 07/13/2018 11:17
Some people would say "You stared too long to get that kind of detail" bit I just see it as amazing for such a short animation
BEVERLY_HILLS 07/13/2018 07:15
4M0UN7 07/13/2018 06:13