I'm 11 now.

09/09/2017 16:43
I know it isn't Sept.10 for some of you guys, but it is here! (also I used a trackpad again, sorry if it sucks) It's my bday today
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ramtries 12/26/2017 13:58
(late to the party) *rushes in thru door* GAH- *trips over self and lands on face, rolls over on back* happuh birdahy
Crazy_Cat_Lady 11/19/2017 13:20
AnnikatheLlama 11/17/2017 22:20
Crazy_Cat_Lady, oh yeah! Thanks! :D
Crazy_Cat_Lady 10/21/2017 12:24
You forgot the line between the shirt and pants on one frame...
AnnikatheLlama 10/10/2017 01:28
Rainbow_animal_, oh, wow, everyone actually thinks the same thing about me somehow XD
Happy late birthday too, and thanks!
Rainbow_animal_ 10/10/2017 01:19
Oh wow you're that young? Wow your animation is so good I thought you were like 20 or something (lol I'm 12) also your birthday is sept 10th? Mine is on the 24th! and this is a month late but i just found out about you so in a way it's not late.... happy really late bday!
AnnikatheLlama 09/29/2017 22:53
Thatonelamp, it's fine, every one uses weird capitals, even me
Thatonelamp 09/29/2017 17:40
you're eleven -
happy -laTE- birthday
im not eleven im teN
im sorry if the random capital letters bother you-
it bothers most people-
I gotta blast, I suppose-
ChloeSweets 09/25/2017 10:04
Wait... U ELEVEN :O
AnnikatheLlama 09/22/2017 16:34
MarcusMortem, *insert walkin meme music here*