12/17/2016 20:59
Honestly, i feel so bad for yellowfang, she had to do what was best for the clan, but killed someone she cared deeply for at the same time. I just personally love her as a character.
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kittyanimations 04/11/2017 20:55
yellowfang was one of my favs, and when she die i almost cried.
Fluffycats 03/25/2017 17:46
Amazing! I love Yellowfang <3
livingg 02/10/2017 19:18
i loaf yellowfang i wish she could have had brokenstar as a warrior. But then again it would change the series cuz by driving brokenstar out is how fireheart and greystripe got their warrior names.
sol-the-flareon 01/18/2017 20:39
omg awesome
LadyWendy 01/13/2017 19:04
Yellowfang was also a favorite of mine. Still dear to my heart. 030
savanadog 12/30/2016 13:39
tries to read desc-
spots spoiler-
Pawz_Productions 12/20/2016 13:19
greyhoundboy 12/18/2016 21:34
artattack, Not that easy
anyways you are missing the point
Since when did I mention you getting banned? I never said that, I said DEMOTED.
And it doesn't matter if they are put into sandbox, you can still get demoted easily.
If you copy and paste too much this will show the mods that you are not passer worthy, and your rank can turn back to arch if this happens.
Also I'm not going on these accounts just to cuss, I'm trying to fucking help you but you aren't listening.
Good grief.
artattack 12/18/2016 20:43
The rules say animations like this one, will be put in sandbox. not demoted.
artattack 12/18/2016 20:40
just please leave me alone.