Math Sucks

03/19/2017 19:35
Addition disagrees.
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PiOwl 05/08/2017 21:07
I love math! Well, except geometry...screw geometry. And plus, I only liked math in school if I had a good teacher. With a bad teacher(and sadly I had them), I hated the class.
Chloepie9 04/22/2017 17:44
JustUndertale, yes math is secretly abuse
zoozoo 04/04/2017 16:26
JustUndertale 03/20/2017 19:01
M.A.T.H: Mental Abuse To Humans
fegbooger 03/20/2017 08:15
amen! thats the only subject i have a bad grade in..
l-lpolarizefurby 03/19/2017 23:01
Agreed! (especially algebra)
MissHorror123 03/19/2017 21:38
thats soo trueee
seal77972 03/19/2017 19:45
LemonBite 03/19/2017 19:41
GigiWigi, He is an anime protagonist. He enjoys food and kicking butt. Pebble, Thank you! -v-
GigiWigi 03/19/2017 19:38
addition got dat serious look