Iorn Man

02/13/2018 19:59
for the contest...
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turtleman 02/19/2018 18:33
Orange_Bleach 02/19/2018 17:33
turtleman, its ok
turtleman 02/19/2018 17:29
yeah, sorry about that, i was a little too over board.
Glitch-Quest 02/19/2018 14:28
turtleman, I'm late, but Fidget is only 9

jesus christ
21robax 02/19/2018 14:25
bye im quiting
turtleman 02/18/2018 11:27
21robax 02/18/2018 09:07
cool and you made it in.
darkmeme569 02/17/2018 23:44
oh my god its its iorn man wow well uh im just gonna go now bye
turtleman 02/15/2018 17:06
i appreciate your appologie tho.
turtleman 02/15/2018 17:06
i know, im REALLY SORRY too. i went like WWWWAYYY overboard, so sorry about that, i just ...idk i lost myself. With all do respect the second place winner is just as good, if not better than me. its just that i was put in the good place so , pepole saw it alot.