01/09/2017 17:02
Ok so I decided to make this little thing to explain a bit of my oc- I guess---- No one will read this lmao Ok so like, there's the two sides of him, that both need eachother- Kind of. The physical state is the body and mind, basically the one who walks, talks and do those things. The other side is the emotional side, the one who actually give him emotions, and the ability to think and protest about things. The emotional state doesn't have a body, and the physical state doesn't have feelings, so they both work together as one. It's like separating a human being in two parts. They're not 'sane' and 'insane' parts of the same character. The mouth I usually use on my toons is the representation of 'Emotions eating you up', It's when your level of stress is so huge that the emotions take over, you can't think straight about what you're doing, Rage, sadness, sorrow etc. I hope this helped a bit, I'm surprised if you still reading haha